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The living room is often considered the most important room in the home. Whether you are entertaining guests or enjoying quality family time, your living room should always be beautiful. The cleanliness of your upholstery is one of the things that make your house look charming and delightful.

Steam and Shine professional technicians are trained to clean every type of fabric. We use specially formulated cleaning solutions for all types of upholstery including microfiber, cotton, synthetic, suede, velvet, and leather.

Steam and Shine can remove wine stains, food stains, and pet stains. We also sanitize and deodorize sofas, love seats, sectionals, and recliners. Steam and Shine can also Scotch-Guard your upholstery, protecting your living room from future stains.

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We use our powerful 4-step deep clean process to clean your upholstery. To achieve the highest standards in customer service,our professional trained technicians will perform test spot before cleaning to understand what type of cleaning treatment your upholstery may need.

First, we thoroughly vacuum your sofa, chair, or love seat to remove all dirt, dust, and food particles that have accumulated over time. Next, we apply a pressurized heated solution to the fabric to loosen all dirt and soil. After, we shampoo your upholstery with a specialized detergent.

Organic shampoos are available upon request. Finally, we rinse and extract all detergents and cleaning solution, leaving your sofa dry and ready to use in a matter of hours.

Our steam cleaning process will leave your sofa looking brand new!

In the case of heavily soiled and pet-stained upholstery, we extend our deep cleaning process for a fifth and sixth step. We use an enzymatic solution to digest any residual uric acid in our fifth step. In the sixth step, we deodorize and sanitize your upholstery.

Upon request, Steam and Shine can Scotch-Guard your sofa, chair, or love seat, leaving your upholstery stain-free for years to come!

Steam and Shine offers top-quality service to commercial and residential accounts. We even clean upholstery on yachts and boats. In addition Steam and Shine cleans carpets, mattresses, and drapes.

We book appointments Sunday through Friday. We also offer same-day service in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. Be sure to ask us about our carpet and tile cleaning.

Our technicians are trained and certified in-house, and we never outsource our work to freelance contractors. We’re passionate about offering our customers the safest organic carpet cleaning service in South Florida and we’re confident you will be satisfied–that’s why we offer a 100% service guarantee.

Professional carpet cleaning is a valuable service for both aesthetic and health reasons. These soft textiles collect dust, pollen, pet dander and other allergens in your home just like an air filter. Soil is as abrasive as a sandpaper and simply walking or sitting on your carpet or upholstery can cause damage to fibers, even not visibly soiled.


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