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Yacht Steam Cleaning in Las Olas, Florida

Our South Florida neighbors take tremendous pride in their vessels. At Steam N’ Shine we understand that feeling every time we step onto a Yacht, no matter how large or small. The beautiful exteriors of these majestic ships are only surpassed by their interiors, and that’s where we come into play. Steam N’ Shine has the necessary tools, the industry’s best equipment, and the expert training to steam clean the interior of your Yacht. Although we spend much of our time in Broward County near the Las Olas area, Steam N’ Shine has divisions all throughout South Florida to come meet your steam cleaning needs.

Yacht Cleaning Packages for Las Olas

When we steam clean a yacht, we don’t leave anything out. You will get full service and maximum satisfaction. In general, this is our cleaning process for Yachts: We start below decks in the cabins, cleaning the carpet and mattresses. Then we work our way backwards, steam cleaning the hallway and stairs. After that, your carpets and upholstery are steam cleaned, followed by your outdoor padded furniture. All Yacht cleaning includes free deodorizer. Also, there is no extra charge for spot cleaning.


How Does Yacht Cleaning Work?

Our Las Olas friends often ask us about the steam cleaning process. Part of this is curiosity, and the other part is fear for the integrity of their yacht. You can rest assured, steam cleaning is the safest and most effective way to clean a yacht’s carpet and upholstery. No machine or heavy equipment is brought on board.

Steam cleaning relies high-temperature pressurized soap solutions and vacuum suction. First, our expertly trained technicians fill up our machine’s water reservoir. Then, they mix powdered cleaning agents in the optimal way for your specific carpet type. The machine combines the clean water and soaps and heats it up to the right temperature. Cleaning solution is pumped inside the yacht into a specialized tools that emit it as steam. As soon as cleaning solution is sprayed onto the carpet it begins to break down dirt and stains. Finally, the waste water is sucked out of your carpet or upholstery with vacuum power leaving your it to dry in a mere few hours.