Suffering from a Smelly Home? Odor Removal Davie

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My Carpet Smells Bad, What Can I Do About It?

It can be very embarrassing to have a smelly home, making it uncomfortable for guests. It can also be bad for your health, as those odors may come from bacteria. Air fresheners can only cover up the smell so much. Sprays like Febreze offer a temporary solution, but can’t mitigate the underlying cause of the odor. The best way to deal with smelly carpet is to hire a professional steam cleaning service that also specializes in odor removal. Steam N’ Shine offers deodorizing services that are specially designed to treat common odors. We can eliminate smoke smells, pet odor, and our treatments also kill odor-causing bacteria. We offer a 100% odor removal guarantee. Household cleaners can’t compare to the power of professional-grade deodorizers and sanitizers.

Davie  Sofa and Loveseat Steam Cleaning

Sofas, loveseats, and recliners can be very difficult to clean. We recommend using a dust buster or a vacuum with upholstery tools to remove dirt and sediment from the surface of your upholstery, as well as sucking up crumbs embedded in the folds of the fabric. If the cushions are removable, be sure to take them off and vacuum underneath. This method of cleaning your upholstery is effective in the short term and can extend the live of your sofa couch. The downside is that this is only a superficial cleaning. If there are deep stains, dust mites, bacteria, and unpleasant odors, you need to call a professional upholstery steam cleaning company like Steam N’ Shine.

We have a full array of upholstery shampoos, sanitizers, and deodorizers that can knock out even the toughest of smells. As always, Steam N’ Shine offers a 100% odor removal guarantee. Call us today for more details. Same day appointments are available in Davie, Sunday through Friday.

Seasonal Cleaning Packages for Apartments and Homes in Davie are Available Now!

Last year, Steam N’ Shine offered a Spring Cleaning package that was very popular among our clients. One customer said to us, “I wish you guys had this all year ’round.” Well, we took the hint and made it happen! No matter what season it is, it is the season for savings at Steam N’ Shine. Our current package includes carpet steam cleaning with deodorizer for the entire house, upholstery cleaning for the living room sofas, and mattress cleaning for all of the bedrooms. Call us today for more details!

Moving In or Out? Time to Steam Clean Your Carpets!

If you’re moving out of a Davie apartment or rental and want to get your security deposit back, steam cleaning your carpets is a great place to start. Clean carpets are a major factor in the overall cleanliness of your apartment, and landlords often look to this aspect when evaluating the return of a security deposit. At Steam N’ Shine we steam clean your carpets with a pressurized, high-temperature cleaning solution, as well as spot treating specific areas. Whether general dirt from high-traffic areas, food or drink spills around your eating areas, even rust stains, in stains, and wax drips, we can restore your carpet.

If you’re moving in to a new apartment or rental, the old tenants may leave things behind like unpleasant odors or unsightly stains on your carpet. Steam and Shine can remove those stains, restore your carpet, and even sanitize it to remove mildew, bacteria, and odors. As always, customers are urged to take advantage of our 100% odor removal guarantee. A thorough cleaning and sanitizing will also kill dust mites trapped in your carpet, giving you peace of mind, and making life easier for allergy-sufferers.