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Some of our customers want to know how carpet steam cleaning works before they make an appointment. Here is the breakdown:

First, we pull our van up to your front door or garage as close as we can. We hook up water from your spigot to our steam cleaning machine inside the van, then we take two of our hoses inside. We connect both hoses to our carpet cleaning wand, add carpet shampoo and deodorizer to the our solution tank, then start up the machine. The machine draws shampoo from the solution tank and water from your spigot, then heats it up to the desired temperature. The water travels through the first hose, where pressure builds up, then is jettisoned out of the carpet want at the desired PSI. As soon as the water, steam, and shampoo is sprayed on your carpet it is vacuumed away through the second hose. Wastewater is removed to a holding tank inside our van.

Call West Palm Beach Steam Cleaning today to see us in action. You’ll be left with the cleanest carpets in town!

Carpet Cleaning Lake Worth

The best method to clean wall-to-wall carpet is the steam cleaning method, described above. Some of our customers ask what makes us different from other carpet cleaning companies. Besides the best prices and customer service in town, we offer significant options to our customers. We offer organic, eco-friendly steam cleaning. In addition to basic or organic steam cleaning, we offer deep cleaning. What separates deep cleaning from basic steam cleaning is a pre-spray conditioner that works to loosen even the toughest of soil. Besides deep cleaning, we also offer pet stain and odor removal services. This involves a bio-enzymatic pre-spray that works to digest uric acid let over from your pet’s accidents. We also offer carpet sanitizing services that take cleanliness above and beyond what other companies offer, as well as scotchguard protection.

Stain Removal in Highland Beach

Sometimes our customers don’t want an entire room steam cleaned, they just want a spot or stain removed. We have special solutions that remove all sorts of stains. Wine stains, coffee stains, ink stains, rust stains, red stains, food stains, pet stains, and more. Just ask to look inside one of our vans and take a peek at our array of solvents, removers, and specialized cleaning products.

Water Damage Restoration Wellington

Florida homes are susceptible to flooding from hurricanes and storms. Flooding can also come from burst water pipes or faulty appliances. We’ve even seen damage from overflowing pools. If you are a victim of water damage, don’t wait! Call us immediately for water damage restoration services. In as little as 24 hours secondary damage may set in. We can restore carpets and upholstery before secondary damage ruins them permanently.