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Carpet Cleaning Service Briny Breezes, Florida

We provide certified professional carpet cleaning for homes and businesses in Briny Breezes. Our professional carpet cleaners take great pride in restoring the look and feel of your carpet. At carpet cleaning Briny Breezes we use truck mounted steam cleaning equipment that is recognized as our industries most trusted and powerful carpet cleaning machine. We even offer same day service for your carpet cleaning and offer convenient scheduling Sunday through Friday. At carpet cleaning Briny Breezes we service both residential and commercial accounts. We clean builder carpet, plush carpet, Berber carpet, and commercial carpet.

Call Carpet Cleaning Briny Breezes today at (561) 208-5668 for free estimate

Carpet Cleaning Briny Breezes offers the best prices in the area for both commercial and residential accounts. We can also seal your carpet so it will be stain free, give you peace of mind for years to come.

Call Briny Breezes carpet cleaning today at (561) 208-5668 to learn more about our green products and services.

Briny Breezes Green Steam Cleaning Service

At Briny Breezes Carpet Cleaning we are proud to have grown a steady flow of returning customers. We truly believe our customer service, organic cleansers, and trained technicians can’t be beat and we hope that you will give us the chance to service your carpet or upholstery steam cleaning needs.

At Carpet cleaning Briny Breezes our goal is to offer every one of our customers the best carpet cleaning service possible at the most affordable price. Unlike many of our competitors, we only utilize Eco-friendly green steam carpet cleaning solutions. Our technicians are trained and certified in-house, and we never outsource our work to freelance contractors. We’re passionate about offering our customers the safest organic carpet cleaning service in Briny Breezes FL and we’re confident you will be satisfied–that’s why we offer a 100% service guarantee!

Our Organic Carpet Cleaning Services Include

▪ Green Carpet Cleaning Briny Breezes ▪  Briny Breezes Green Rug Cleaning
▪ Organic Carpet Cleaning In Briny Breezes ▪ Briny Breezes Upholstery  Steamer
▪ Carpet Sanitize In Briny Breezes FL ▪  Briny Breezes Green Steamer Company
▪ Green Cleaning Deodorize Briny Breezes ▪  Organic Carpet Cleaning Briny Breezes


Call Briny Breezes Carpet Cleaning today at (561) 208-5668 to learn more about our organic steam cleaning.

Briny Breezes Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

At Briny Breezes Carpet Cleaning we service all types of commercial accounts. From offices and banks, to convention centers and schools, Briny Breezes Carpet Cleaning will clean your carpets and upholstery. For offices that have employees and customers throughout the day, Briny Breezes Carpet Cleaning offers after-hours service and service on Sundays.

Briny Breezes Carpet Cleaning also offers an annual cleaning plan for businesses that require multiple cleanings per year. With our annual plan, you will be eligible for a 30-50% discount off standard pricing. Call us today for a free estimate for your business and to discuss our annual cleaning plan. At Briny Breezes Carpet Cleaning we strive for the the highest levels of customer satisfaction. That’s why all of our services are 100% guaranteed!

Call Briny Breezes Carpet Cleaning today at (561) 208-5668 to learn more about our business annual plan.

Briny Breezes Pet Stain & Odor Removal

Pet stains and odors can often be very difficult to clean. Briny Breezes Carpet Cleaning will use enzyme and peroxide treatments that are specially formulated to neutralize pet stains and their accompanying odor. After cleaning the carpet, we will rinse it out to make sure that no residue will be left on it.

Our  Simple Green Pet Stain & Odor Remover products are Non-toxic and biodegradable as well as, people, pet and surface safe! This formula outbids other leading brands and the Fresh Bond Technology eliminates odors permanently. It’s perfect for use on those places where stinky pet odors build up. It can be used as a spot treatment (spray directly on soiled/stained spot) or in extraction machines (pour directly into reservoir) for cleaning larger carpeted areas. Green Pet Stain & Odor Remover has a wonderful scent that will leave your home smelling clean and fresh. Best of all it will you help forget all about your pet’s accident.

Call Briny Breezes Carpet Cleaning today at (561) 208-5668 to learn more about our coupons.

Briny Breezes Water Damage Restoration Service

Whether it`s brought on by a natural disaster, a burst pipe, or an accident caused by simple human error, water can have a damaging effect on your property and personal belongings. Our experts will immediately respond to any water damage emergency 24 hours a day, 6 days a week and develop a plan tailored to your specific restoration needs.

Water damage requires immediate attention to minimize further losses. In case water damage occurs in your home or property follow theses five steps and you can prevent further damage.

1) Try to locate the problem or source of water loss. Examples are turning of the water line for faucet, washing machine or dishwasher. Be sure to turn off electrical appliances if in affected area.

2) Call a plumber to report a leak for service

3) Report the damage to your insurance company. Your insurance adjuster will guide you through the process and will give you advice on what the next steps will be.

4) Move all items in advance such as furniture, boxes, cloths, beds, etc. to a room that is unaffected. You can place plastic or foil underneath furniture legs to prevent bleeding of the furniture onto the carpet. The idea is to move and protect your personal belongings, valuables. Standing water and wet materials are breeding ground for viruses, bacteria, and mold. If water is still for more than 48 hours the deadly toxic mold can begin growing in the damaged areas.

5) Call Briny Breezes Carpet Cleaning so we can restore your carpets and upholstery to their natural state, dry. We will pump out freestanding water quickly, and extract water from the carpet, padding and upholstery. Remove carpet and padding if deemed necessary. We will then clean, dry, and re-install carpet.

For Emergencies Call Briny Breezes Carpet Cleaning today at (561) 208-5668. 

Briny Breezes Carpet Cleaning Services Include!

▪ Carpet Cleaning Briny Breezes FL ▪  Briny Breezes Carpet Cleaning/Sanitize
▪ Carpet Steam Cleaning Briny Breezes ▪  Briny Breezes Carpet Deodorizing
▪ Carpet Red stain removal Briny Breezes ▪  Briny Breezes Steam Cleaner Company
▪ Steam Deep Cleaning  Briny Breezes ▪  Pet Stain And Odor Removal Briny Breezes

Briny Breezes Yacht/Boat Cleaning Service

We offer all aspects of yacht/ boat detailing, from one-off service to a full time maintenance program. Our services include pre-conditioning and detailing to preserve your boat surface and add value to your boat. We will take care of your boat by steam cleaning your yacht, removing all stains, marks, and soil. We will make the carpet and upholstery look like brand new again.

Consistent up-keep of your investment will minimize your overall running costs to help maintain the value of your vessel.

We can even clean the upholstery and seal it. We will also sanitize after the cleaning to kill all types of bacteria. At Briny Breezes carpet cleaning we guarantee the next time you step on to your boat will be as fresh and clean as when it was brand new!

Call Briny Breezes Carpet Cleaning today at (561) 208-5668 to schedule a free estimate. We are located near you. 

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November 20, 2018

Steam and shine came to my house in Coconut Grove and clean my area rug as well my sofa. I will defiantly recommend them.

Carl Iovine

November 12, 2018

Simon from Steam and shine came to my house in Cooper City and clean my tile and grout as well my sofa he did an amazing job my floor and my sofa look like New Again will highly recommend thank you steam and shine.

Sabrina Ventura

November 11, 2018

Simon with steam and shine deep cleaned my carpet in my living room. My carpet small and look like new again. Highly recommend.

Gabriel perez

November 11, 2018

I have 3 dogs in my apartment so my carpet always needs cleaning. Simon from steam and shine come to my house every month to clean it and treat the pets stain and odor and its always looks and small like new after he leaves. I live in key Biscayne and i’ll recommend steam and shine to all of my friends and neighbors

Leah Klein

November 1, 2018

Simon came to our house in Ft. Lauderdale and cleaned our carpets. Carpets look brand new. Great Job! Will use them again.

Damon Van Tuyl

October 31, 2018

Great service at a fair price.

Ken Cohen

October 30, 2018

Thank you Steam and Shine. Simon was great. I’m so happy with the results. My carpets are spotless and so clean. The smell that my dog leaves behind is gone. Highly recommended!!!

Lynn Shea

October 22, 2018

Great company. Simon came to my house and clean my sofa and the carpet. Will use them again. Ty Steam N’ Shine.


October 21, 2018

Simon Can to clean my sofa in Boca on Sunday and did great Job. Will highly recommend


October 5, 2018

Simon Came when expected and did a great job. most stains were clear by the time he left, and he assured me the one would clear up soon. Very pleased. I recommend this company.

Pastor Fish